Friday 13 May 2016

Camp scenes

I need a couple of encampment bases for our refight of Soor at AMG16 so put these together. The top two pictures are a couple of Black Hussar tents with some Perry AWI camp scene pieces. They will do I reckon.

 Next are a few photos of the Prussian General Staff waiting for the King to finish his 'business' on the the field latrine mk1, i.e. unhinged door with hole cut in it over a large bucket. The eagle-eyed among you will see that Frederick doesn't appear to be reading despatches; is that a copy of 'Bustenhalte Weekly'?


  1. Great looking vignettes, excellent job...

  2. Music while you poo, how refined!

  3. Super vignettes - the field loo is brilliant

  4. An unusual addition to a camp scene. Really think that's doing the business!