Monday 12 December 2016

French Revolutionary War of the Second Coalition:Suvarov in the Alps game set up

Well, I've set up my table for this week's game(s) set during Russian General Suvarov's campaign in Switzerland as he retired from Northern Italy to join with the army of General Korsakov. I shall be using Black Powder with hopefully the right attributes given to the troops involved. Although there's not a Toblerone in sight it looks reasonably like Switzerland according to the missus who lived there for a while,  but I've not given the table an additional liberal dusting of baking powder or snow scatter as it might interfere with players' breathing like it did last time I used it. The scenario is a tough one for the Russians who must attack across some dreadful terrain to continue their march through Switzerland. There's about a dozen battalions on each side plus some cavalry and a bit of artillery. I will post a picture of the terrain in the morning with a bit of luck.

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