Monday 19 December 2016


I have Paul coming up tomorrow for a game. We had planned to do a 15mm refight of Minden using Paul's extensive collection but that would have meant an early start to allow for setting up and a long day for both of us as nobody else from my circle of gaming friends was available.

So complicated are my friends' lives, most of whom are retired gentlemen of leisure (like what I am), that I've had to draw up a matrix to depict each person's preferred gaming days and those days that are committed to things like practical grand-parenting, study and even work! There's a group that can only do the beginning of the week, and another that prefer the end of the week, with the odd one who can do any day, in theory. Then there's also the very minor issue of personalities, i.e. the potential for clashes of said personalities and possibly an unsatisfying outcome (for me at least as the host!). Not a big deal at all really, but one to be aware of. It goes further as different playing styles can also be a bit of a headache. I'm quite an aggressive player on the table, unless I have cavalry in which case I'm an impossible ditherer. Some people might be called overly cautious, but it can be frustrating for the other players who are maybe (or not) more (or less) cerebral, and also for followers of the 'fix bayonets and charge' school of wargaming.

Now, the above is merely me observing as the attentive host. I love (in a man way) all my wargaming mates, some of whom I've battled against since my late teens which is very long time ago indeed, I really enjoy hosting a game nearly every week and it gives me great pleasure when those playing enjoy their day even if they were attempting a tough scenario and their army was hammered. I always feel deflated if there's even a hint that the day wasn't as enjoyable as I had planned or hoped for one or more of the players. I put a lot of effort into each game and get much pleasure from the preparation and the playing but as much from knowing that I've  done my best to ensure my mates have had a good day out.

I am of course very fortunate to have a bespoke war-games room and a bigger collection of figures and armies than I could ever have imagined owning in my youth. What would happen if I ever managed to demolish the lead mountain I do not know as I would run out of space! However, above all things, what makes me even MORE fortunate is to have such a wide circle of great like-minded friends who are willing and able to make the journey to my place on almost a weekly basis  so we can all have an enjoyable day talking and playing wargaming and pushing my little men around the table for a few hours. Long may it continue through 2017 and beyond.


  1. Colin, were I on your side of the pond, I'd throw polite convention to the wind and make myself available for games most anytime. Everyone always said I was too easy! ;-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Best Regards,


  2. Exactly. Well said Colin. Must invite myself over for another game soon!

  3. Colin
    Your musings struck a chord with me. I face the same realities as yourself. Me, a retired gentleman hosting a game one or two days each week, with a very mixed bag of wargamers. With no responsibilities now, I have time to think, plan and game all week. The burden of trying to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and getting “the mix” of personalities on each side, never an easy one, is a concern shared by no one else other than the game host. Your matrix idea for wargamer availability sounds a good one!
    I look forward to my 2017 and to furthering this great hobby of ours. I wish you and your family the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

  4. A good and thoughtful post Colin. I look forward more each time I think about it to our joint games.

  5. Thanks everyone for the positive comments.

    Yes, David I too look forward to our game(S) next year. Should be awesome.

  6. and Paul, you're very welcome any time

  7. Coiin, Lovely to read your thoughts on these matters but at a game week I think you are doing well and it must tax your ingenuity to keep a good mix for your varied clientele. They sound very lucky chaps to have regular access to you and your collection. I wish I lived nearer so I could invite myself! Wishing you a very productive 2017 now you are fully retired.

  8. Thanks Chris. Oddly not everyone got the point or message within the post which is a shame as it wasn't intended to be seen as a negative.