Friday 30 December 2022

Christmas Holiday completions

 A right old hodgepodge of stuff left the painting desk this week. After a bit of a hiatus in the weeks leading up to Christmas I managed to get these figures finished and saw them march off to their barracks (boxes).

First an assortment of bits to add to the 1940 French.

A command radio truck. Resin.

Headquarters or artillery FOO. (EWM)

French staff car/half track. Metal from EWM.

Moving back in time 74 years we have some 1866 Hanoverians that have been on the painting desk for maybe two years! The rest of the army is long finished but as yet unbloodied.

George King of Hanover. The poor man was blind but still went into the field with his troops.

Hanoverian command stand.

Hanoverian dragoons. I already have too many cavalry for each and every element of my 1866 and 1870 armies but they’re colourful and fun on the tabletop.

I think my painting and gaming mojo is re-emerging after my period of pre-Christmas illness and general advanced decrepitude. Onwards and upwards as they say………..


  1. The Hanoverians are quite superb, really nice, the dragoons especially are really nice.

  2. Fantastic work on these different periods, love the French ww2...

  3. Glad to see things moving forward again after your problems of late. Happy New Year to you both! (Still think the Frogs need white flags though😉)

  4. If I was to get into WW2 gaming I think early war French would be my first choice based on the great camo patterns on their vehicles. Wonderful work; the basing is really well done in particular.