Sunday 1 January 2023

Fall of France 1940: WW2 French St Chamond 193mm howitzer

More stuff completed as the holiday period comes to an end (unless you’re retired in which case it’s one big holiday). I thought I’d do another piece for the 1940 French. I doubt I’ll ever use it except as an objective of some kind.
The ultimate (almost) in silliness. I saw this model before Christmas and just had to buy it (Mad Bob Miniatures). It’s a resin 3D print in 1/72 scale and is east enough to assemble except for the railings which a bit of nightmare trying to glue and then keep glued in place round each vehicle. I might have to replace them with wire in due course as I doubt they’ll survive their first game.
I’ve done them in travelling mode. 
The ammo carrier.

The complete model. I am rather pleased with it.


  1. Oh I want one of those now, but in 1/144th! No use on the table but boy does it look good:).

  2. Yup! That thing is bonkers Colin…
    I don’t even do 1/72 scale WW2… but I really neeeed one.

    All the best and a happy new year… Aly

  3. That's a super thingie! Get a kraut rail gun next and have artillery duels in the garden?

  4. Very smart and unusual. And yes, a totally barmy idea-I salute you!

  5. Madness .... but of the type that screams 'you need to buid me just because I am big". Lovely work.

  6. Cracking job on this monster!

  7. A splendid gun, almost Heath- Robinson vibe to it.
    Alan Tradgardland

  8. Very impressive- a lot of potential fun to have on the table,

  9. An awesome model! very nice!