Saturday, 3 April 2010


Actually, I am wrong when I say that my first wargames club was Durham. Before moving there in 1971 I had been part of a small group of lads who met in the rooms above a wargames shop in Lytham St Annes - yes a real shop selling proper wargames figures! Can't remember exactly where it was but it was on a road with lots of shops on it running parallel to the sea front between the prom and Clifton Drive. The guy who owned the shop had hundreds of Hinton Hunt Napoleonics all beautifully painted that he let us use, and I remember enjoying some enormous day-long games. I also remember that his wife was a bit of a stunner, oh yes! Hinton Hunts were way out of my budget but the memory of playing with them is still with me after all these years. If my memory is correct we used quite an unsophisticated set of rules that wouldn't look out of place today. I wonder where everyone who took part in those games is now?

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