Saturday 3 April 2010


Well I have recently taken advantage of Renegade's current offer of 5 for the price of 4 regimental packs to finish off one project (post WW1 Freikorps and RCW) and start another one (VBCW). I have had all the source books for VBCW for ages but I have now decided on the wider scenario in which i shall set my games. The source books make a passing reference to the Chopwell Communists' sphere of influence extending as far as Wolsingham and Hexham, and there is also a mention of arms etc from the Liverpool Free State coming through Alston. I live in upper Weardale between Wolsingham and Alston and it seemed like a good idea to set my games literally in my own back yard! The terrain is very tough going, roads are minimal although there is a railway from Darlington through Bishop Auckland and all the way up the Dale and another from Alston to Hexham and further east. I think there was also a mineral railway that went to Consett. East-west travel not generally an issue but north-south or indeed travel between other points of the compass is another matter altogether!So what am I planning? Faction 1 is straightforward - I thought a small Royalist force tasked with intercepting the arms trade through Alston and upper Weardale, based in Alston but with posts further down the valley as far as Stanhope. They are also required to keep the lead and mineral mines in production, or at least ensure that the produce finds its way into Royalist hands. Some of the stuff mined in the Dale like Fluorspar is quite rare and is used in iron and steel making (I think). Maybe a company of regular infantry (DLI) and maybe a troop or squadron of cavalry (some horsed given the terrain). Not sure if these should be Yeomanry or regular. Quite fancy some Northumberland Hussars if only 'cos I served with them years ago when i was much younger, and fitter! I guess I would beed to throw some LDV into the pot as well. Airpower will also play a part as a plane is the best way of reconoitering the bleak high moors that make up most of the terrain. I will keep the BUF out of it for now.I think the main oppossition will come from the Anglican League, with forces of the Bishop of Durham based in West Auckland (where he has his now heavily fortified palace - will there ever be a garden centre there as there is now?). Interestingly, the villages of Eastgate and Westgate used to form the boundaries of the Bishop of Durham's deer park in medieval times so i might try and weave that in somehow.I will need a left wing element seeing as they are the ones transporting equipment through the area, so communist forces from Chopwell and Liverpool will find their way into the area. The lead miners might also rebel at some point.Finally, there might also be the chance of raids from over the Scottish border.We shall see how this develops. I have a week off work so hope to get some painting started once the figures arrive. Just waiting for Mr Postman!

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