Friday 2 April 2010

HERE WE GO......

Well, as the old song says, "everybody's doin' it, doin' it doin' it" so after much thought and the arrival of a brand new laptop for my birthday here is my rambling attempt to share my wargames experiences, interests, whats on the paintstation and so forth.

My current project is the Russian Civil War (with a bit of Back of Beyond thrown in when I get my Chinese done). As usual (for those who know me) I have gone a little o.t.t. in terms of troop numbers; well over 150 Bolsheviks and at least 100 Whites. Lots of cavalry and too many vehicles and aircraft, but hey! What the hell! The figures are a mixture of Copplestone, Old Glory (they are very nicely animated Andy), Musketeer and a smattering of odd Pulp and Artizan figures thrown in. As for vehicles, apart from an assortment of tanks and stuff I went equally mad on ebay and acquired several Matchbox Bulldog Mack trucks for about £2.99 each that paint up well as a generic WW1/interwar lorry. I have a few armoured cars, a Sloppy Jalopy Austin, Copplestone Garford and Mbregev-Renault. I have some Hat, Emhar and Modelkrak 1/72 armoured vehicles that I will probably get rid of now I have some in the correct scale. My pride and joy is an armoured train! All 3 feet of it! In armoured train terms it IS the size that matters! The train is a Company B monster that I purchased from Wargames Command Post with my Christmas money (thanks Santa - er, Uncle T!). It goes together quite easily and I decided to paint it in a neutral scheme so it can in theory represent either side (the flags come off and can be replaced with White Russian ones). My People's and Workers' Red Air Fleet is represented by a weird assortment - a Spad 4,a Spad XIII and a Nieuport 17. The Whites have a Nieuport 11 and a massive Ilya Mouremets heavy bomber that is not yet finished. It is a brute with a wingspan of almost a foot!!!

Have only had one proper game so far as work has got in the way. Tried out the TFL Triumph of the Will. They worked quite well for the size of game played - I had EVERYTHING on the table, less the train, which was delayed (in the post not by leaves on the track). The Whites under Admiral Reidechak (John) won and dismantled essential equipment for the war effort (a borschspigot) from the 97th People's and Workers' Beetroot Factory before evading the pursuing Reds of Comrade Robbiroddisovich (Rob). More on that another time....

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