Monday, 12 November 2018

Some tattied up buildings

Mainz Cathedral

I've been picking these up off eBay over recent months,  ready made and relatively cheap. Most have been removed from scrapped railway set ups. They're obviously slightly under scale but en masse they look pretty good. Actually I prefer under scale to over scale like some otherwise excellent mdf creations. These buildings are destined for my Zurich 1799 game and will represent the city, behind some Vaubanesque walls.


  1. Nice real estate Colin. Do you base them or leave them to sit directly on the table?

  2. Thanks Stuart. I have some card cobblestone streets which the ones destined to be part of my city will be placed on. Some others will be based up a bit like the green house.

  3. Some excellent buys there Colin:)

  4. I’m very taken by these, a grand acquisition to the look of the game.

  5. Totally with you on the benefits of underscale buildings and these German railway models always look great with 28mm figures, lovely.


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