Wednesday 28 November 2018

The Cretan War

A tremendous book. I've recently been painting up some spare 1670s units as Venetians, Savoyards and Papal troops (I already have some from Luneberg-Celle) in readiness for this book. TBH what I knew about the war was pretty much limited to what I had seen on holiday in Crete walking the ruins of Candia and off one of my favourite films, the 1948 "Saraband for Dead Lovers" staring Stewart Grainger and Joan Greenwood. The book in question is a goldmine of information, covering as it does the complete period in great detail, including naval and land-based operations. Of particular interest to me was the later period where the involvement of the western powers, i.e. France, Savoy, the Papacy and the Empire (mainly Luneberg-Celle - see above re Saraband....). So much information is contained in the book that I shall no doubt have to trawl though it again to pick up the bits I am especially interested in. Lord Byron called the siege "Troy's Rival" or something like that, and it feels right as Candia was under siege for a very long time indeed, and the casualties sustained by both sides are unbelievably high. The book is well written, well referenced, with good maps, lavishly illustrated with b&w pictures as well as a good spread of colour plates. The army compositions, actions during the siege both on land and on sea are covered well. An absolute mine of information.


  1. Another book to add to the list! Thanks for the review:)

  2. Off on a new venture then? On the table before the year’s end no doubt 😉

    1. No chance even though I already have the armies in 28mm (my ottomans will do as will my 1670s stuff). All I really need are Venetian irregular types but my Austrian 7YW grenz would do.