Wednesday 21 November 2018

Cossacks raid supply train outside Zurich

Something silly I know but I came across an old pontoon wagon earlier this week so had a brainwave.    It will look good in the streets of Zurich. Then I can eat it. Unless the Cossacks get it first!

Newly rebased Cossacks for my Russian army in Switzerland and Northern Italy. I think the bigger skirmish bases look good and certainly make it perfectly obvious that these troops are skirmishers and raiders and not battle cavalry other than in exceptional circumstances. Note the big hound running down the fleeing Frenchman.


  1. That's rather a big bar Colin - sure you've got enough horses to pull it at full speed? Maybe every time a Double Six is thrown in the game you can break off one of the Toblerone peaks and eat it!

  2. Like the Cossacks Colin, good idea on the rebasing! As to the Toblerone, well...

    1. It's all about sponsorship and product placement, even in 1799!