Wednesday 12 January 2011


John and Rob braved the freezing weather to christen my new table last night and to get my new AWI armies on the table. We used British Grenadier, which was a first for us all, although I had tried a couple of small scenarios solo to get the hang of them. John played the British while Rob commanded the main Patriot/Rebel body. I took command of the Patriot reinforcements. The basic scenario was that of a strong British attack on Rob's command aiming to drive it off before my reinforcements arrived.
The British began their advance and bogged down with Disruption Points almost at once. Rob's reaction with his largely militia force was to hold tight, although his reserve brigade did edge over to the right and pick up a few DPs in the process. I threw a 2 so could look forward to arriving in turn 2, but for the rest of the game I kept throwing 1's and 2's for movement for about 6 turns, so not only moved very slowly but also kept picking up DPs. Consequently my troops played little part in the battle other than to ensure John kept some of his forces on his right back (Light battalion, Jagers and the British Legion cavalry) just in case we did throw some high dice for movement! Didn't happen till the very end by which time it was all over for Rob's troops.
Over on the British left the advance was led by the 17th and 23rd foot with the 71st in reserve. The leading battalions moved against Rebel skirmishers hiding behind a fence. They held on for a while then, faced with 300 men of the 17th foot running at them with bayonets levelled, they ran off. The North Carolina militia battalion behind them held on for a while, and even halted a further British charge but they too ran off, causing a brigade morale check which saw the rest of the brigade retire.
Meanwhile, in the centre the Guards light infantry and the Queen's Rangers had been exchanging shots with the Rebel militia lining the fenceline, but the Guards and Grenadier battalions threw some dreadful movement dice and got bogged down in their advance, and they were collecting DPs as if they were growing in the field! In the end the Patriots/Rebels had to take a brigade test for their second brigade, which also retired, leaving my troops with nobody left to reinforce!
So, we all enjoyed the spectacle of fighting on my new table and the troops certainly looked good. I was happy with the rules, and I think they reflected the problems of getting militia to do much other than stand there and look tough...or not. The DPs were a bit of a pain, especially for the British, but I think once the rules become more familiar to us it'll be something that can be managed appropriately. Some of the morale and shooting results were a little odd but might not be typical.
Overall a good first outing. Looking forward to the next time!


  1. Very good - a lovely looking game...

    PS. Give me my barn back... :o))

  2. Thanks. Maybe it's the SAME barn but mine is 80 years earlier....?

  3. Great pics and report, Colin. I envy you your new table!

    Best wishes