Monday 30 September 2013


Well, as a treat to myself I went to the Derby show on Saturday. My partner Kathy and I drove down on Friday evening and stayed in a lovely old coaching inn in Castle Donnington. It was pet friendly too, as although big dog (choc Lab) was put in kennels, little dog (Shi'tsu) came with us. Actually I did very little of the driving as my back was playing up with a vengeance.

On Sat morning we arrived at the venue and were told by a security jobs worth that dogs were not allowed on site. Not even a small dog that we will keep in the car we asked? No was the answer. He let us in anyway as long as I was dropped off and collected later, but we just parked up and nobody said anything. Now, the venue is in the middle of the countryside, the dog in question is very small and makes less 'mess' than the average smoker dropping their tabs on the grass! At least we had poo bags!

Kathy had never been to a wargames show and was genuinely interested by it all and amazed at the number of people in attendance, the variety and number of traders and the quality of some of the games. I had my shopping list and in very short order had spent all my money at Irregular, Foundry, Warlord, Warbases and Eagle minis. I was very disciplined, maybe as  I was not alone! Met up with some of the guys from the Durham Club and also John and his son Neil. We made a couple of circuits of the hall and thought that by and large the games were pretty good, although to be honest apart from Flodden and a big WW2 western desert fight none really stuck in my memory. I didn't take the camera and my phone was being stupid so no photos.

We left at lunchtime and were home by five so a good day out and a fair introduction to the hobby beyond my games room for Kathy.


  1. Good to know you're still getting in some hobby-related things, despite pain and discomfort - a true martyr to the cause.

  2. Yes Joe. I would go round the proverbial bend if I wasn't able to!