Thursday 10 October 2013

Normal service not quite resumed........

Well, I was ejected, er, discharged, from hospital on Tuesday afternoon and am now enjoying the delights of daytime tv, and I am home being very well looked after. Far too early to know if the operation was a success although my left leg and foot are quite numb in parts thanks to the battering my nervous system has taken, making walking difficult. All perfectly normal apparently and my back doesn't hurt much, even the bit that makes me look like a Borg with lots of metal staples in it!

Itching to get up to the games room to get on with some painting, and get the Crimean Russians fully based up, but as I'm not allowed to sit for too long or at all if hunched up, and the stairs are a bit tricky to negotiate at the moment I may have to wait a little while yet. Hopefully next week, as I keep forgetting that I had what amounts to major surgery on Monday.

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