Friday 29 November 2013

Games Workshop clear out ......and about time too!

Two weeks ago I put all my Empire GW Fantasy stuff on eBay, and 90% sold. I remember buying them when I almost ripped my leg off 7 years ago and they have only been on the table a few times, and never in the past 6 years. I have never played the new version of Warhammer but have heard they are very different, and as I have little enough gaming opportunities as it is and would rather play historical stuff I decided to sell. They are no use to me in a box under the games table and I have no real desire to have anything to do with the GW world any more for many possibly unprintable reasons. Even the paints and general hobby supplies are ridiculously expensive when compared to similar products, and the quality isn't there either, especially the paint. I'm now in the process of putting my treasured Vampire Counts army up for sale on eBay. No regrets as lovely as they are ( if indeed undead can ever be described as lovely), they've not been on the table for 5 or 6 years or so either. Recycle the money is my view. Hopefully they will sell as well as the Empire army did. And no rush really. What's a shame is that the figures are generally very good, but GW prices are madness compared to other figures of the same scale.

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  1. Vampire Counts going well on eBay, except my gorgeous Zombies!!! Weird or what?