Sunday 24 November 2013

Smoggycon 2013

As promised I allowed myself an airing yesterday, thanks to Kathy who acted as my chauffeur, and paid a visit to Smoggycon in Middlesbrough. I'd been invited to take part in the Independent Wargames Group display game, set during the Italian Wars. I joined Rob on the Papal (Borgia) side, facing the Florentines under John and his son Neil. I have to say that the figures looked absolutely outstanding, as one would expect from Rob's painting.

The show itself appeared to be quite well attended, at least until after lunch when the punters seemed to melt away. Nonetheless, there was plenty of hustle and bustle in the both halls, loads of trade and a good range of demo and participation games. The Durham Pony Wars games looked good, as did the Battle of Trafalgar Square and the Gettysburg game.  I completed my purchases within about 15 minutes (mdf bases, static grass, some brushes and army painter dip but no figures!) so was able to devote most of the remaining time to playing the game or standing in the queue for something to eat. I had prepared some sandwiches the night before but they were still in the fridge at home, doh! It was also good to catch up with quite a few friends, some not seen for a very long time.

Back to the game, it was very enjoyable and incredibly frustrating thanks to the large number of failed command rolls, blunders and malfunctioning cannon batteries. The Papal forces eventually won, crippling then turning the Florentine right flank, making a dent in their right centre and holding off their left until it was time to call it a day. Thanks to Rob for the opportunity to participate in a cracking game.

I'm sure Rob will be putting some more pictures up on his blog soon.


  1. The game looks very good , wish I could have been there.

  2. A bit to far from GHQ, but nice to see a show I can't get to. The 'vanishing' punters seems to be increasingly noticed at shows around the UK I find. Are there just too many events? Have people's priorities at shows changed from looking at games in depth to just a quick tour and shop ~ perhaps the rise of the internet?