Monday 4 November 2013

Crimean War Russian Artillery

Fresh from the painting, flocking and tufting table are the artillery for my Russian Crimean army. There do seem to be rather a lot compared to the British but as far as I can ascertain, each Russian infantry division had an attached artillery brigade of four batteries, each of 12 guns. I've decided to depict Russian batteries with two gun models to reflect this significant difference from the British and French six-gun batteries.

The front row are two 'heavy' batteries. The middle row represents two 'light' batteries, while the last row are two eight-gun Cossack light horse artillery batteries, one of each being attached to my Hussar and Cossack cavalry brigades.

I have finished adding static grass to my Russian hussars and Cossacks and am in the process of doing the same to the (16) Russian infantry battalions. I have just found (although they were never lost as I'd forgotten I had them) a unit of Russian skirmishers to represent the 6th Rifle Btn together with two regiments of Uhlans. I really must get the last unit of the British Light Brigade done. Also the Heavy Brigade, as at the moment their commander General Scarlett has nothing to command.


  1. Looking good Colin,
    what you need is a Flashman figure.
    Thanks Robbie.

  2. Thanks Rob, and I actually do have a Flashman figure in hand, but am waiting for him to be delivered.

    Both armies should be ready next week for a game with a bit of luck.