Friday 3 January 2014

What now for 2014?

Of the blogs I have read over the last day or so, most authors have written about what they have done in 2013. If I did that I would probably scare myself silly in terms of figures bought or dug out of the drawer of doom and painted. It was a good year in terms of getting stuff painted, e.g. Thirty Years War armies complete, well sort of, Crimean project complete, except for the Turks, some 1st Carlist War units complete, although I can't recall why I bought them it was so long ago, not to mention the huge 28mm ACW armies I bought off Paul Stevenson! Oh yes, and the 1866 Prussians, Austrians, Saxons and Bavarians lurking among the spiders and bits of fluff at the bottom of said drawer!!!! OK, so now I HAVE  scared myself silly what does 2014 bring?

Well, I have committed to finishing everything else in my drawer of doom. Mainly SYW but a few (!) AWI, TYW and ACW. I also have some Studio Miniatures Sikh Wars units. Not sure if I will expand them to 'army' size but the figures are just lush and I am seriously tempted to. Of course, in May or thereabouts I can expect to receive my Ebor miniatures GNW Swedes, so I will need to clear the decks by then and consider getting some opponents for them.....I think Rob plans to do some Saxons so less pressure there perhaps.........

Happy New Year!


  1. 'Draw of Doom', I like that phrase! Good luck with clearing it in time for more stuff...

    1. David, I will need it as is a bottomless abyss!