Friday 27 December 2013

Miniature Wargames No 369

I am getting quite, er... very, p*****d off with this magazine. I have a subscription, ensuring that I always get a copy, and that it's on times not even on my doormat a bit before it hits the shops. Issue number 369 arrived in the mat today. That's over a week since I first saw it in the shops! This is now the norm in my experience, as for at least six months or so my magazine has been late, so late in one case that I rang up after a week and asked where it was. I received a replacement copy the next day, followed a few days later by the original copy!

Now, for me, the whole point of having a subscription is that I am guaranteed to get my magazine what with living in a very rural area and regardless of a busy work schedule that used to often keep me away from the likes of WH Smiths at the end of the month. This month I could have bought this issue several times over, what with various Xmas shopping trips, but never thought to look as I assumed each time that it would have been delivered when if got home.

My friend John asked if I'd received this issue as he'd not bothered as its content was poor. Oh dear, I thought, not exactly something to look forward to over the Xmas break. Anyway, to get back to my original point before digressing too much, I wonder if any other subscribers have experienced similar problems? It seems to have started to get worse ever since the magazine became "with Battlegames" although this may be entirely my imagination or an unfortunate piece of serendipity.

As it turns out issue 369 was a very disappointing read and didn't float my boat at all. There is usually at least one article that makes the magazine worth buying but not on this occasion sadly and it's already in the recycling bin. Such a shame.


  1. Can't comment on subscription issues, but the content has been extremely poor for several issues really in my opinion.

  2. With David on this one... gone down hill hugely since Battlegames was shut down...

  3. This just goes to show... I thought 369 was Henry's best to date- Several good articles most notably Dave Brown abnd Stephen Maggs . Thankfully less of of the Battlegames tripe and some stuff that you can actually read with some interest. I'll comment further on my own blog.