Thursday 9 June 2016

A weekend of wargaming amongst friends old new.

Tomorrow I am heading south to Kenilworth for a weekend of gaming with fellow members of the A Military Gentlemen forum. Robbie and I are running a game over the weekend, one of several, a refight loosely based on the Battle of Soor 1745 (not the one in 1866, although we are quite close to its anniversary) in the 2nd Silesian War/war of the Austrian Succession. Most of my Prussians and a sizeable chunk of my Austrians and Saxons will join with Robbie's Austrians for an almighty clash. There should be nearly 1500 28mm figures on the table! The plan is to run the game twice.

We are going to use our favourite rules for the period, Honours of War, tweeked slightly for this earlier conflict. It will be the biggest game we've played using these rules but with probably no more than 5 players we should crack on nicely to a conclusion, especially as if the Prussians get it wrong and the Austrians have a modicum of luck Frederick will undoubtedly get a hammering.

I will of course post lots of pictures of all the games next week.


  1. Asher you later. I'm ready to go.

  2. Have a wonderful time Colin - plenty of photographs please.