Tuesday 12 July 2016

ACW Glory Halleluja Campaign - game 2

This Thursday the bloodied Union forces are due to make another attempt to advance towards the fictional town of Auckland Station in my imaginary Durham Valley ACW mini campaign (more a series linked battles).

The Union forces have been reinforced by the remainder of the Army of the Northumberland in the shape of another brigade of infantry and more artillery. The shattered Union cavalry brigade is back, somewhat depleted, as is the Irish Brigade. President Lincoln has removed the inept commander of the Army of the Northumberland, Major General Assheton "there's only one effin'" Offenstead, replacing him with Major General "Bloody John" McReidy.

On the Confederate side, reinforcements for the Army of the North Apennines have also been drawn in, this time a brigade of untested militia types. The Confederate's biggest loss was their commander, badly wounded in the previous battle and not yet for for duty. The most senior surviving Confederate commander, Major General Thompson van Paulus DD, newly arrived with his militia brigade, has far less experience and is less capable than his convalescing predecessor, but seniority goes above experience still.

Due to the difficult terrain in the North Appenines, the axis of the Union attack remains along the Stanhope Turnpike through Scutterhill Gap towards Stanhope Tavern. With the Confederates now in position it will be a hard nut to crack and the Union forces will need to think very carefully how to overwhelm the Rebel's position, or at least force them to withdraw.

I might get round to doing a map of the fictional Durham Valley later.

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  1. "Forward boys, for God's sake for..." An omen perhaps? Looking forward to more action from the one true period!