Saturday 9 July 2016

Great Northern War Swedes for sale

Readers may be interested in picking some (quite a few actually) 28mm Ebor Miniatures GNW Swedes (unpainted) that I bought as part of a Kickstarter a few years ago but have now realised that I have no inclination to even think of starting them, especially as I would need to buy and paint the opposition as well!

I will put a full list up here shortly, once I've finished sorting them out. If anyone is interested they can email me by using the contact me thingy on the side bar.


  1. Paul (Grimsby Mariner) might be interested... ??

  2. Paul (Grimsby Mariner) might be interested... ??

  3. Cheers Steve. I suspect Paul has more than enough!

    Anyway, I've decided not to sell them just yet as my wife says I will only regret it.

  4. I do have enough. but thank you for saving me from temptation.