Wednesday 30 November 2016

Senility and death beckon..........

Well I hope not! Today I formally retire from Ofsted to become a gentleman of leisure. Actually I've been practicing for three years already but that's good in a way as I've become quite used to the life. It's great. Even with the arthritic spine and the daily dosing of opiates it is brilliant. "Whenever did I find the time for a job?" I ask myself.  Parts of my body might be operating at less than 100% but the brain still works away feverishly sending signals to the bits that do, as well as thinking up new ways to spend my enormous (not) civil service pension. More little men, more tufts, a new project, all of the above. More games too I hope, although more than one a week is probably being greedy and more than a bit silly.

Hosting a refight of Leuthen tomorrow as it's almost the anniversary of the battle (5 December 1757) but none of us do Mondays so this is as close as we can get. I shall of course report on the outcome.


  1. Best of luck sir.

    My entire career is based upon looking forward to retirement and thus wishing my life away LOL.

    Hope to see more of your Grand Alliance/ late C17th stuff in action soon :)

  2. Good luck with retirement, I look forward to reading about your miniature battles.

  3. Welcome to the club, Colin! Only one new project though? Sounds as if you are not into the swing of this retirement business yet...

  4. Just think of all the painting and gaming you can do! Congrats Colin!

  5. Congratulations Colin. I can help you find ways to spend your pension...........
    Anyway - more time to keep on blogging, I wish I found time to do mine!

  6. Well done Colin on a successful career and the foresight to look forward to an even more successful retirement and new start as a professional wargamer!