Sunday 21 May 2017

Partizan - Part, the Second.

As promised here are the rest of my photos from Partizan. Again some really good games on display. Overall I have to say that the show more than met my expectations and it has been the highlight so far this year of my visits to similar events. The food also met my very low expectations but thats not the fault of the organisers ;-)
First up is an ECW game depicting the Battle of Cropredy Bridge by the Burton and District lads.

Next, the Battle of Edgehill in 12mm by Simon Millar. The figures looked great, my only comment would be that the table could have done with being a little brighter and it was a bit cluttered. Very appealing game though.

The Battle of Opey Wood, 1917. Another very visually pleasing game.
 Great Yarmouth's Laundry Wars, with armies made of clothes pegs. It looked great and the detail on the 'figures' was great. 

 The League of Augsburg put on another stunning Great Northern War game, and unlike last week at Falkirk Barry remembered to bring the Russian pikemen bases!
 Great War Miniatures (Aly Morrison et al) put on this terrific Battle of Cambrai game. 
 A massive 15mm Napoleonic using the just released General d'Armee rules by Dave Brown. I have a set of the rules and am looking forward to trying them out.
 Another game using teddy bear fur put on by the League of Gentlemen Alchemists, a battle from the War of Spanish Succession. The fur looked good, the figures were very pretty but I just loved the town. It was an imposing centre piece for the game. A small lone teddy bear was in attendance allegedly to confirm that none of his family had been harmed in the creation of the game, but I'm nt sure, as why would Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear let Baby Bear out at such a busy and dangerous event? Where were they? Maybe they were a manner of speaking....?
 A modern game set in 1973 between invading Soviets and West German and Dutch NATO forces.

 The Kokoda trail, New Guinea 1942. There are some Japanese in there somewhere. (Like a Stone Wall Group).
 Swedes versus Poles in 1627 at the Battle of somewhere unpronounceable in Poland. It was a real battle that iirc was fought over a few days in and around a vast marsh with just the odd causeway crossing it.

I'm not sure who put this rather large and splendid looking 15mm Franco Prussian War game. 

Finally a very busy looking A Very British Civil War game.

By now I had run out of time and energy. I didn't get pictures of all the demo games and none of the participation games simply for this reason. It is no reflection on any of them.

I know I spent a great deal of time taking to friends and acquaintances. John, Neil and Robbie from home, Duncan Macfarlane, Graham Cummings, Mark Dudley, Mark Allen, Paul Robinson, Dave Hall, Andy McMaster, David Bickley, Shaun Bryant, Garry Philips, Angus Konstam, Ally Morrison, Barry Hilton and Harry Sidebottom to name but a few. Apologies if I've missed anyone.

Tomorrow I shall put some pictures up of my 'swag' from the show, but I hope I helped swell the coffers of Caliver, Trent and Grubby Miniatures to name but a few if only in a small way.


  1. Thanks - enjoyed these very much.

  2. Wonderful tables...and pictures!

  3. Another fine set of images. We bring our own grub, once bitten twice shy with the catering there.

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