Friday, 19 May 2017

Partizan this weekend

I'm being taken off down to Newark tomorrow to be in situ for Partizan on Sunday. Now, having just been up to Carronade last weekend I am sure that everything I forgot to buy, especially those items I didn't even know I'd forgotten about, will be there for me to spend my pension on. Again, I'm taking a fair bit down with me, primarily a 30 year old Lancastrian 28mm Wars of the Roses army that I'm selling to an eBay re-seller, but also some other stuff I've sold in the last week. Of course there are things I expect to be returning with, but I am keeping quiet about that, mainly because I don't yet know what they'll be, apart from a couple of .......

 The main reasons for going are to get an eyeful of what I hope are some especially good games, to catch up with some of my geographically dispersed Wargames chums and to spend a pleasant weekend away with the missus on a spa break weekend :-)

I will of course present a full report (of the show and NOT the weekend) together with photos as soon as I am able.


  1. I hope you have a great weekend. How is the bionic back working out?

    1. Thanks Mark. The implant is working quite well, maybe 25-30% reduction in pain.

  2. My crew and I set out at first sparrow fart on Sunday morning as we are working. Should be a good day despite the early start. Do I need to buy more toys ..... I don't think so ....