Sunday 18 June 2017

A Military Gentleman 2017 weekend

This weekend saw the third gathering of past and present members of the AMG forum for a fantastic weekend of wargaming, banter, eating and of course an occasional drink, and it is thanks to the forum set up for those fortunate enough to purchase a copy of John Ray's A Military Gentleman book that we were all drawn together to take part in this and the previous events. Attendees came from far and wide from all corners of the UK and we were also joined by Der Alte Fritz himself in the person of Jim Purkey who flew in from Chicago.

As noted in the previous post, there were four games this weekend, three 18th Century (War of the Spanish Succession, Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 and my Leuthen set during the Seven Years War), as well as a Sands of the Sudan game. Leuthen was run once on each day while the others being smaller managed to run at least a couple of times a day, which meant that most attendees got to play in at least three games over the weekend.

Here are a selection of photos from the weekend's games. I will do a more detailed report of the two Leuthen games in a separate post.

The entire event was organised incredibly well by Stuart Insch and ran like clockwork, and the hotel staff were faultless in their efforts to keep us fed and watered throughout the sweltering weekend, which, given that the hotel was hosting 380 ballroom dancers attending a Dancing with the Stars weekend is pretty remarkable.

Roll on next year!


  1. Some excellent pics there Colin! Leuthen was great, and it was a pleasure to play with your terrific armies.

  2. Replies
    1. And what do you mean "because the other games were smaller"? Twenty plus battalions of 36 men plus twice as many squadrons of horse I thank you!!

    2. 😂🤣 oh no. We've slipped into my one is bigger than your one mode! Lol 😆🤔 well it mustve been pretty close but I had more daleks than you. Great game Paul. And an impressive number of figures.

    3. The amount of lead travelling south on Friday must have been quite substantial all things considered. Either way Colin we can all be quite smug about the quality of our games because we should all be proud of what we achieved.

    4. Proud indeed. We probably caused the earths gravitational field to change hence the hot weather!

  3. Wonderful post Colin commemorating a wonderful weekend. Would you mind if i use your excellent photos of my modest painting and drawing efforts elsewhere please?

    1. Thanks Zchris. Of course you may. I have some more that Katherine took as well that I can send you.
      Best wishes

  4. It seems you enjoyed yourself, and after all that's not to be underestimated as a goal in our hobby.

  5. Terrific looking games shared among a bunch of liked minded enthusiasts. Perfect way to spend a weekend.