Tuesday 27 June 2017

Big game this week

On Thursday I shall be in Nottingham at Wargames Illustrated HQ to play a large French Revolutionary War game with my mate David Bickley. We're actually setting up on Wednesday afternoon and are staying at the Village Hotel which is right next door.  It has a spa and a big pool so my long-suffering driver, er....wife will be happy.

We've been talking about a game for ages but the logistics of getting me in the North East and David in the West Midlands together is a bit tricky, but David approached Dan from WI to see if he'd let us use the magazine's gaming area. There will of course (I hope) be a magazine article and hopefully lots of photos as a result of the 'deal'.

David and I have settled on a game based (very loosely) on the 1799 Helder campaign, solely because I wanted to get my Russians on the table, and they will be allied with the English, fighting a raggedy rabble of Frenchies and Dutchmen for control of the route to Amsterdam, hopefully without upsetting the mouse there on the stair in the windmill. (With clogs on).

No activity at all on the painting front as Ive still not unpacked from the AMG weekend. More on the 1799 at the end of the week.


  1. Have a grand time Colin, disappointed I am unable to pop along, yours and Dave's armies on the table will be something to behold.

    1. It's a shame you can't make it but you never know it could be an annual event!

    2. I'm disappointed your AWOL too Phil! I'll have no one to blame if I loose!

    3. Another time I hope. IfmImhad a friend I could bring them too 😰😢😢😪😪😥

    4. I would have only watched and perhaps gloated ;~)

  2. Look forward to seeing this in print then.