Saturday 29 July 2017

Game off! Some new stuff.

Well, John the Red was supposed to be coming up today for a French Revolutionary War game set in Flanders in 1794, but I had to cancel as I could barely stand up let alone get downstairs and walk around or finish setting up the figures this morning.  John was very understanding though. I was really looking forward to pitting my Austrians and British against the French as well as getting another new windmill on the table. I had even managed to finally base up a squadron of Austrian hussars and an assortment of French emigre units in preparation for the game. Some pictures for your delectation.....

 My new windmill. I do like it but it is a little large to do anything other than sit in a corner and add to the atmosphere of the battle.
 Elite Miniatures Austrian hussars from their collectors' range. I have another dozen to base up to complete the regiment, as well as two squadrons painted as the Legion Rohan hussars. I don't know  what it is but I suddenly had a 'thing' about emigre units.
 Legion Damas - Chasseurs.A very pretty unit of dubious value on the table.
 The Legion Damas fusiliers. The figures are Casting Room Miniatures 1806 Saxons but they do the trick. They were in a sale too so not too expensive. I need to give them a flag though.
 Another French telegraph station. I just need to paint up some telegraphists now. Hummmmm?

 Armee de Bourbon Cavalerie de Noble. (something like that). I had some spare Trent Austrian dragoons so.....
My last Russian line infantry units, two battalions of Regiment Apcheron


  1. Lovely. Hope your back mobilises quickly.

  2. Not our weekend is it? Do hope you are feeling better and more mobile today. I like the new additions to the game and look forward to reading about them in action, and seeing them on the table of course.

  3. Sorry about your back and know all too well from bitter experience how debilitating it can be. Love the windmill and the telegraph station, which I'd never seen before. Something to research and possibly build for my games.

  4. Cracking toys Colin. The windmill is spot on.

  5. Colin, Some lovely work here, figures and buildings. Don't be too cruel on the Damas Legion. If they lose, the Republicans will give them no quarter. Thanks for the upload, great viewing.

  6. Vive la Revolution and all that, I hope your feeling better soon mate. I recon the Flanders campaign has to be one of the more colourful periods going. Couple units of Dutch complete with their own emigre and mercenary units and your away