Monday 31 July 2017

More new stuff......

Some photos of a couple more new units for my French Revolutionary Wars project. As a project it is spreading its parameters rapidly! I originally focussed solely on Suvarov's campaign in Switzerland, then shifted to include his earlier North Italian campaign with the Austrians, then I moved to the 1799 Helder campaign with the addition of some British, and now I appear to have gone back in time to 1793-5 or thereabouts to include a few more very randomly selected emigre units. I suppose I ought to do some Dutch next?

I picked up a few Austrian jäger on eBay so decided they would do nicely as a couple of emigre regiments of light infantry. The uniforms on the figures are not quite right (i.e. not sure about the backpacks) but will do with the appropriate paint job. The Chasseurs de Damas appeared in the last post, but here we have the Chasseurs of the Beon Legion and the Chasseurs de Lowenstein-Wertheim. These units were originally in Dutch service but I believe transferred to British control when Holland was overrun.

 Chasseurs de Lowenstein-Wertheim
 Chasseurs of the Beon Legion

I also finally managed to get my last French demi-brigade that have been sitting around painted for ages finally based up. These are Elite Miniatures from the Collectors' range and I do really like them lots.

I seem to have done these with 28 figures rather than the normal 20 or 24 but once the grenadiers are detached they'll be the same size as all my other French. I have another four-gun foot artillery battery, a coastal battery, and some cavalry left to do along with some vignettes and other tabletop ephemera, then the army will be complete........? Really?


  1. These are beautiful Colin. It's always nice to pick up an eBay bargain as well.

  2. Growing apace it seems! Makes my 12 Marines added a bit limp...

  3. well done Colin, as always an impressive collection.
    Wargame armies are never "finished" just abandoned for other projects...

  4. Lovely Colin. I'm pretty sure you've declared a project as finished and then added more before so why change now?

  5. Great figures. Especially like the skirmishes and how you based them. May have to rethink my basing on this type. Great stuff here as always.

  6. Thanks everyone. I think the uniform of the Chasseurs de Beon should be more blue/grey but there you go.