Sunday 3 September 2017

A few random French Revolution figures.

These found their way off the workbench and into barracks yesterday. A right old pot pouri of stuff.

A Trent General Herman from their 1799 Russian range and a Front Rank Cossack hetman.
This and the photo below are of some Foundry SYW Cossacks that will do nicely for  the FRW. There were around 5000 in Suvarov's army in Italy and Switzerland in 1799.

I picked up some limbers and gun teams for my Austrian artillery. There are three more four-horse teams plus (as I bought the six-horse sets) another six pairs of drivers to use on more limbers, wagons or whatever.


  1. Very nice job, love the cossaks vignettes...

  2. Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu! More FRW figures on the table! Like the Cossack vignettes the most.