Sunday 3 September 2017

Border Reiver Wargames show 2017

Yesterday I made a flying visit to Gateshead International Athletics Stadium to attend this year's Border Reiver show. Having been at the Other Partizan a couple of weeks ago I had no shopping list and spent the princely sum of £5 on some mdf bits off Warbases. Our coffees cost more than that! I did collect some figures that'd been done for me by Northumbria Painting Services (excellent service and value for money) and had a good chat with quite a few chums during the course of the visit and that was the best bit.

There was plenty of good and diverse trade so if I'd had a shopping list I would've been satisfied but in my opinion there were not enough games. Certainly not enough nice looking games, although there WERE a couple of good looking Napoleonic demonstration games and gorgeous Italian Wars game. Before anyone tells me to "stop moaning  and put a game on then if you think you can do better", well, if I could I would but I can't, and I've done it many times in years gone by.

The lighting isn't the best in the sports hall where the event is held and everything had a slight 'sepia' tinge as you will see from these photos. Also, I was there at around noon and it seemed a little quiet. I took pictures of all the games so these are just a selection of the better ones, photos that is.....

Anyway, it was overall a pleasant morning and had I had more time I would have enjoyed it more no doubt. I guess I've been spoilt by going to Partizan.


  1. Glad to see you out and about! If folk doubt your cv on demo games they can chew on our mega effort at WI HQ in the next issue!