Sunday 23 September 2018

More 1799 Russians

It struck me while continuing to plan my Battle of Zurich game that I still had Russian figures that perhaps (?) needed completing for the game. Also, I've not actually posted pics of any new figures for a while, so here we go.

This and the following three are of my second battalion of Russian jager. Some debate about whether they operated effectively in open order but based on what I've read and with discussion with like-minded chaps on FB I reckon they did....'wish. Used more as specialist infantry holding key points, guarding flanks or whatever perhaps, but they were at least partly rifle armed (according to Duffy). These are Eureka figures I've had since about 2015 so long overdue for completion.

Next up we have three batteries (half batteries really) of Russian artillery. The figures are a mixture of Eureka and Warlord, the latter with bicornes and green stuff pigtails added. Warlord's cannon are on the small side imho but they will have to do as nine decent-sized models would be pricey.

I've been using movement trays for my 1670s stuff for  while so thought I'd use up what I had left on the FRW project. Examples can be seen behind the jager as well as the artillery units. Certainly makes setting up and putting away much easier!

I'm currently working on a regiment each of Russian and French hussars, plus some more Russian infantry and French skirmishers that need their basing completed, for Zurich. Then I will have to knuckle down to the city and outlying villages. Urgh!


  1. Amazing results! They deserve to be in someone's wargames book.

  2. I like those Jaegers a lot. The guns and movement trays are great too. Looking forward to seeing more Swiss scenery. I hope there is a Heidi figure and a couple of st Bernard's in the works.

    1. Heidi I’m working on but struggling to find a suitable figure of a St. Bernard in 28mm.

  3. Lovely toys Colin...
    I am with Peter on Heidi and the St Bernards and while your at it some Swiss horns and Zurich Gnome’s.

    All the best. Aly

  4. Gorgeous painting and basing!

  5. Fine additions to collection Colin.

  6. I see Dobbie has been at it again!
    Nice additions though.