Sunday 23 August 2020

I Like Mounted Arquebusiers. More of Them, French this time.


I completed the bases of this unit of 12 French Arguolettes today, having started on the unit on Wednesday evening. It didn't take too long to paint them (well, that's obvious, just look at them!). I used contrast paints for the horses and much of the clothing, then a highly opaque range of colours from Warcolours based in Cyprus. here. I find these paints cover extremely well and there's a wide and useful range of colours. Given that I always give my figures a coat of 'Colin's special recipe wash' and then highlight the colours again before varnishing the contrast paints are a bit redundant but I might as well use them up. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the way these chaps have turned out. They're all from TAG. Banner from Pete's Flags of course.

like Ive said before I remain to be convinced that they were especially effective firing from horseback, even if they even did stay mounted. Anyway, the figures look nice.

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