Tuesday 18 August 2020

Italian Wars Mounted Arquebusiers


I finished these today. Twelve Italian Wars mounted arquebusiers. With a couple of exceptions to bring them up to strength as two six-man units, these miniatures are by Mirliton in Italy. I think they're really quite nice and certainly paint up easily enough. I'm not wholly convinced that this troop type didn't always shoot from the saddle. Mirliton must think the same as you get a mixture of mounted and dismounted castings which is a nice touch. These figures represent part of the Bande Nere after the death of Ludovico de Medici, also known as Giovani della Bande Nere, so are a bit late for my collection, but the figures are nice and I get to use the splendid devil flags from Pete's Flags. I thought I'd use largely darkish colours, primarily red and dark grey in contrast to my usual more colourful appearance of my other troops. Now its back to painting my Florentine football team.


  1. Lovely Colin, I do like mounted arqubusiers and these are very nice.Can I recommend a book called The Black Bands of Giovanni by Maurizio Arfaioli which provides a lot of information about the unit.

  2. A very fine addition to the ongoing project there Colin!