Monday 3 August 2020

This week ........ I gave myself a fright! The Italian Wars collection on parade

I completed my fourth Spanish Colonella this week so I reckoned it was time for a little (?) parade. Primarily so I could take stock of what I have and what gaps if any require filling, ideally without having to buy any more little men. It might have started off being just for my Spanish but I thought what the hell and took all the figures out for the photo shoot. It’s clear I seem to have gone completely over the top, but if there was one benefit of the lockdown, or Great Confinement, its this. The photos are in no particular order.

The Venetians. A couple of infantry units to do.

A view along the lines, with the Spanish nearest the camera. Six more Jenittes almost done for the Spanish. 

My Swiss. I need some more. I really do. I have enough spares for another  large block of pike and some shot.

The French army closest to the camera. Sadly I could do with some more, especially Gendarmes and Gascon crossbowmen. 

My far too many cannon. 

The French again

Papal forces. Just about complete.

The Venetians again. Lots of Stradiots on the right.

The figures are a right old mixture of TAG, Perry, Foundry, Eureka, Steel Fist, 1st Corps and Old Glory. There’s even some Mirliton. Bound to have forgotten someone. Almost all the flags are Pete’s Flags. I’m still plugging away through a modest “200 or so” (in case my wife reads this) figures. A few crossbowmen, Swiss and Landsneckts plus some more Gendarmes and lighter cavalry.

I don’t feel awkward about posting about my growing collection in whatever project I’m currently working on, any more than I do about anything else about my involvement in this super hobby. I am seriously fortunate to be able to enjoy the resources I have available. 


  1. Fantastic! I wish I had the capacity to focus in one a big project like this.

  2. Simply splendid! Sadly the 'photos bleed into your side bar, so one can't get the full glory of the 'photos.

  3. Impressive parade to say the very least! Time for a massive game me thinks.
    Best wishes,

  4. An amazing and HUGE collection, puts my own 18mm Blue Moon collection to shame.

    Looking forward to seeing these gamed and the AAR - I really enjoy all your AARs.

  5. A very impressive spectacle, I am suitably inspired.

  6. That's an impressive and flamboyant army. The diversity of flags is amazing.

  7. Fantastic, look forward to seeing them in action some time soon ish.

  8. Magnificent Sir...

    All the best. Aly

  9. Nothing to feel awkward about Sir. If the rest of us could show even 10% of the commitment, skill, intelligence, art and wit to this wonderful hobby that you do we should be happy. Chris

  10. I agree with the other comments Colin - never feel awkward about having so many beautiful figures. I always look forward to your showcases as they are always inspirational.

  11. I am SO jealous. Fantastic collection. Beautiful big table too. The only comment I would make is that there is still empty space on your table ...