Monday 17 October 2022

I didn’t go to the Other Partizan so I did this instead…….plus an update on the Boss.

……and I still spent more money of course on books I don’t really need. But there is space on the book shelves that needs (?) filling. 

I was signposted to these books by Alan Tiddmarsh at a recent Virtual Wargames Club Zoom meeting.
I have no interest or desire to do anything involving Samurai but they’re interesting and colourful.
My 18thC French army is based on the forces engaged in the War of the Polish Succession, so getting these was a bit of a no brainer. They follow the same format as all this publisher’s other books, lots of colourful pictures and loads of uniform details for each and every regiment.

I’ve also nearly completed a battalion of French Dragon Portees for the 1940 collection. I still need to finish their transport, the motor cycle company, armoured platoon and machine gun company so they’re not really finished at all now I come to think about it!
These figures are nearly all the excellent CP Models castings, with a few Early War Miniatures added.

I expect to get the remaining elements of this unit done in a couple of days, then I shall move on to some French armour and the second battalion of the Dragons Portee. In the pipeline and ready to start are the anti tank and artillery plus another battalion of French infantry. I might even do some horses cavalry….

On the domestic front Mrs A is still in hospital but much improved and she is now running the place like her own fiefdom. Surgery was a complete success, the stoma is working and the histology shows that the cancer has not spread anywhere else. (Praise be!) However, complications due to her usually tightly-controlled diabetes resulted in her almost dying as they failed to recognise what the problem was as she went into DKA after a week with no food, drink or meds! They didn’t even get the diabetic specialists involved, despite our repeated requests, until the point they felt she was fading fast. The hospital know they’ve cocked things up big time, and we shall see how things develop when our complaint goes in. Thanks to everyone for their continued good wishes.

Back to the painting desk now for a quick session on more French while I also need to start prepping the Germans.


  1. Good news on the home front and some nice purchases, the Polish Succession book look very interesting indeed.

  2. Colin, you never cease to impress on your productivity and your collection of books. At last some really good news re your good lady it’s just awful what she’s had to go through to get here. Any way lots of positive thoughts for her continued recovery

  3. Delighted to hear the positive news on the home front.
    Alan Tradgardland

  4. Really pleased to hear the news! Give Katherine our love! Hobby stuff not bad either. 😉

  5. Good news re: your wife, but rather shocking to hear what she's had to endure to get where she is now. Fingers crossed moving forward.

  6. Glad to here your good lady is on the mend. It goes to show what I have said for some time tho that the medical world is amazing what it can do but is so specialised there is no joined up thinking. Very frustrating. Dangerous too. I hope you can now get back to our world of wargaming. No better place.