Thursday 22 June 2023

More 1866 Minor German States

My obsession with painting up units from the minor German states involved, or even not involved, in the War of 1866 between Prussia and Austria continues, with these two new additions both of which I completed today (although I’ve noticed just now that the white arm bands the pro-Prussian states’ troops wore have been overlooked).

This is the Hamburg Battalion which so far as I know didn’t see any action, but formed part of the 2nd Reserve Corps along with other units from the Hanseatic towns. These are spare Prussian jäger figures from Foundry. I have used Warlord Games’ speed paints although I’m not entirely sure how much speedier it was to finish the unit. I’ve used a Napoleonic Hamburg flag from Maverick Models in the absence of any other information; perhaps they didn’t carry a flag but they are now.

Brunswick fielded two infantry battalions, a regiment of hussars and a battery of cannon. I already have a battalion of Brunswickers, and here is the second. My understanding is that they could well have still been using their old Waterloo era flags. In the absence of any other info that’s what I’ve used. The miniatures are rather nice Steve Barber Saxons from his Franco-Prussian War range, and their headgear makes them a near perfect fit for the Brunswickers. The flag is another from Maverick.

Both units together.

I can’t say these are anything other than adequate paint jobs but they will do for me and can now march off to join the rest of their division in barracks until they are called up for some tabletop active service sometime in the near future. I already have a half battery of Brunswick artillery and their hussar regiment is on the painting station about a quarter done. Hopefully I will get them done before I go off on holiday next week but no rush. 


  1. Nice new additions which as you say will do. Enjoy the Raj experience.

  2. I love the esoteric. Terrific troops Colin.
    Alan Tradgardland