Thursday 8 June 2023

Some Austrian Generals for 1859 and especially 1866


Today we have a couple of Austrian 19thC commanders plus a trio of casualty markers. The miniatures in the pictures immediately above and below  are intended for the 1859 campaign but a bit of variation is always a good idea, hence these chaps will jump backwards and forwards as the games dictate. The chap in green is an adjutant and the gent next to him is a general wearing the undress uniform for general officers. The figure in the cuirass is going to lead my Austrian cavalry; his aide is a hussar. God help ‘em!

The photo above and the two below are cavalry casualty markers; one an old Perry Napoleonic French cuirassier and the others from the lovely Eagles to Empire range.

Having now had a break from Bismark’s Wars I shall consider finishing some Russians for my 1808-1809 project.

Game tomorrow to finish setting up.


  1. Nice additions, especially the Command stands.

  2. Very nice work - what is not to love with those C19th uniforms?