Friday 2 June 2023

Swedish Jäger, 1808 and a few 1866/1871 command stands.

We’ve been very busy having a major reorganisation and cull of my stuff, mainly as Katherine wants her study back as it was an overflow room for numerous boxes of items I’d in many cases forgotten I had them. Usual story I suppose, of buying for a rainy day then getting distracted and forgetting about the purchase.

Anyway, first up is a unit of Swedish jäger for my Russo-Swedish War 1808-1809 collection. The unit is the Varmland Jäger by the Perry twins, although I have read somewhere that this battalion didn’t see active service defending Finland. Well, whatever the case, they’re in my collection and I’ll use them.

Next we have some more command stands for ‘Bismarck’sWars’. Two of these are Prussian from North Star 1866 and the third guy all on his own is a generic commander complete with Federal brassard to command elements of the Federal VIII Corps which fought in the western campaign. The figure is actually a Balkan Wars general from Tiger Miniatures but he has the right look.

I have a game here on Saturday so this afternoon I shall have to finish setting it all up.


  1. Very nice additions to the two projects there Colin. Enjoy your game tomorrow.

  2. Very nice work again on both set of figures. Whether the Jaegers fought or not shouldn't be a worry as a unit with a great look deserves to be on the table, they look great!

  3. You are correct Colin, the Värmland Jägers didn't fight in Finland but they have such an interesting uniform that are hard to resist...I know I couldn't! You gave done a great job on them and on the 1866 generals too.

  4. Grand work on the figures. I use all three units of lights the Perry line contains. Too many nice figures not to.