Thursday 8 June 2023

Early’ish Napoleonic Russian Artillery 1808-1809

The second post of the day! The first elements of my Russian Napoleonic army to face the well advanced Swedish collection are done.  Over the past three Christmases I’ve been taking advantage of the 25 percent off sale from Foundry (actually Casting Room Miniatures) and stocking up on the Russian army for this project. Now at last they are underway. I chose to buy as many figures as I could wearing greatcoats, firstly because they’re less complicated to paint in large numbers, and second, I don’t like green. As it happens, since buying them I have been exposed to the mystery of Warlord ‘Speed Paints’. I have to say I had not used them very much before, preferring contrast paints. Well, Monday saw me apply a white undercoat washed with a suitable speedy ‘greatcoat colour’ and then hats, faces, belts et cetera in normal paints and Bob’s (or Ivan) your uncle, they were all done by Wednesday evening. Basing more or less finished this afternoon. They’ll do.

Half battery each of foot (left) and horse artillery.

Heavy 12-pdr foot artillery. Heavy ‘Unicorn’ on the left.

Horse artillery with 6-pdr guns and a light ‘unicorn’.

I suppose I should do the other halves of each battery but there’s enough here already to give the Swedes a bit of a hammering. Hopefully one day I might even find someone with French to game the Eylau/Freidland campaign. Main task now is to get on with the rest of the Swedes and 20 battalions of Russian infantry. Aaargh!


  1. Those have come up a treat. What colour is 'greatcoat' colour please?

  2. Very nice artillery, they look super, the "speed paint" is intriguing, I must try it out for myself.