Wednesday 20 December 2023

Basing Frenzy Continues!! More Russians.

Well I’ve really got the bit between my teeth, or is it grit between my teeth, and have now caught up and all my early Napoleonic Russian units are now based, grassed and tufted. I still have some more (half a dozen battalions, some more cavalry and commanders) to paint but the pressure is off. 

Five more battalions of infantry

Two battalions of the Azov Musketeers, as is usual they are Casting Room Miniatures.

Three battalions of the Fangoria Grenadiers. I chose to do these in their 1805 headgear for a change, tall mitres for the actual grenadier battalion of the left and short mitres for the two fusilier battalions. These are Perry miniatures and technically they have the wrong back packs for 1805-1808, but I wanted a standing regiment in greatcoats so went with them. 

All the flags are from Maverick Models and jolly nice they are too. 


  1. Very grand additions to the hordes of Roosians gathering in the Burrow!

  2. Excellent progress, Colin. Looks great!

  3. excellent effort Colin, you put us to shame.