Wednesday 6 December 2023

Early Napoleonic Russian Hussars

Finally my first regiment of Russian hussars are complete. This is the Soumy regiment before they changed their uniforms in 1809.  I’ve only done five squadrons as that is more than enough as 30 miniatures is a big unit. A full regiment of 10 squadrons would be very impressive but silly 🤪 

These are old Casting Room Miniatures and I do like them. Barry did the hard work. I just based them up.

Next up will be the Pavlograd Hussars, which are 3D resin prints.


  1. Nice addition! 50 figures would be more than silly in my book.

  2. They look great Colin. I know I have a pending painting for you featuring this regiment. I've explained a bit about it in my Christmas card, in the post. Yellow and light blue - a magic combination which I have used several times before.