Saturday 16 December 2023

Quite a few more new Russians!

I completed the basing of these four battalions of Russian j├Ąger this evening. The one on the right is by Elite Miniatures and are rather nice, and a change to greatcoats. The other three battalions are from the Casting Room Miniatures Early Russian Napoleonics. 

The right hand battalion is larger as it has a carabinier company. I don’t know if they actually did have such a thing in the years I’m interested in (1805-1809), and trust me to pick a time span where the Russian army went through some significant uniform and organisational changes. I guess it means I can do what I like. I’ve got half a dozen more battalions to base up this coming week. Oh joy!

I reckon it’ll be time for a Russian army parade very soon. I just need to clear the table still as I’ve been out of sorts much of this week. Still, a very productive week in terms of figures completed.


  1. Lovely work and the Elite figures are really superb, looking forward to the parade!

  2. Great looking Russians, well done!

  3. I am overwhelmed by all these Russians!