Monday, 17 April 2017

"Action, Front!" - French Revolutionary War Horse Artillery

This weekend finally saw me finish off quite a number of units for my ever expanding FRW project. I will limit this post to just one however, namely my French horse artillery battery which after many months of sitting in the corner of my painting desk, now has its full complement of gun teams and limbers. So, we now have three teams pulling limbers, a Wurst wagon carrying the gunners into battle and the battery commander. Very splendid they look too!

The figures are all Eureka, and the cannon are mdf kits from Warbases. I'm heading off to Salute this weekend where I'm looking forward to picking up a nice big package of figures from Eureka which'll see me through the next few months........


  1. Very nice Colin these are coming along a treat.

  2. from the photos you would never no the guns were MDF, the battery is a very nice set up 👍

  3. Wonderful (and useful!) horse artillery, great job!

  4. Nice additions! Good luck in collecting our order, and our refund, at Salute!

    1. Thanks David. I can send you your discount refund this week if you like as I've confirmed that it's 20% off the total or do you want to wait till Carronade?

    2. Could I say at Carronade, as cash, to add to meagre spending funds please? You've been Tangoed by the way on PMT,