Monday 3 April 2017

An update

The past week has been quite productive even with the disappointment of having to postpone Fontenoy, but only for a week as it turns out. I was in hospital on Wednesday to have my wiring checked and the external battery disconnected and the external jump leads removed prior to implanting an internal battery in my abdomen on 24 April. The trial period was a success and the pain relief, although not complete, has been noticeable,  so the discomfort and additional pain of lugging a bunch of heavy and awkward stuff around that was attached to my spine via my side was worth it for sure.

I finished two [pieces over the weekend. Firstly a command stand for my Lombardy Legion. The two male figures are Trent Vendean officers and the Cantiniere is an odd figure I found in the box.

 The other piece is a command stand for my French field artillery battery.

I've almost finished a squadron of French Emigre cavalry to go with my Conde infantry regiment but their bases just need touching up.

Thats it, and my table is cleared ready for Paul to set up in the morning for our Fontenoy game. Can't wait!


  1. Very nice job Colin, great colors and wonderful details...

    1. Thanks Phil. With the Lombards basing I tried to get a subtle mix of green red and white to reflect the National colours.

  2. Glad to hear you are making progress on two fronts. Enjoy your game tomorrow Colin.

  3. The joy of pain relief - good news indeed.

  4. glad to hear things are progressing well for you Colin. Figures look great.

  5. good news about your wiring!
    Nice figures as always, good luck with the game.
    Just finished our 3rd Mexican American War game, can't get those Mexicans to win yet!