Saturday 7 December 2013

Breitenfeld tomorrow

The guys are coming up tomorrow, weather permitting. I was unsure what game to set up but have decided to leave the Crimea until I have the British Heavy Cavalry Bde finished together with someTurks  and other bits and bobs. If I don't the poor British will have a significant advantage in quality, but would it be enough against the quantity of the Russians? That's one for another day....

So, I know Rob was keen to have another go at TYW using Pike and Shotte rules, so I have scaled down the armies for Breitenfeld, fought in 1631, to two thirds (ish) and set the game up ready to go in the morning. Overall the Swedish/Saxon forces outnumber the Imperial/Catholic League army,  but the Saxons are a liability as they are all newly raised regiments, and have been formed bodies for no more than a month or so even if they were draw from the militia. Some of the Imperial troops are not much better but the Catholic League regiments are good, but not as good as the best of the Swedes.

The terrain is fairly boring. Just flat fields. The Swedes have a marshy river to their rear but as they are on the offensive that shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, we shall see and hopefully I will be able to post the outcome tomorrow.

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