Monday 23 December 2013

More mid-19th Century stuff......

Ever since the run of Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian games at the Club in the summer my interest in the former (since selling off my huge 6mm armies) been rekindled, albeit as a side project. Not sure the amendments made to Black Powder were quite right but they were fun and challenging games. I've been steadily finishing the figures I purchased many years ago and have even added to them slightly. There won't be enough for a game for a few months yet but I am getting there, allowing for any distractions of course.

So far I have a nice regiment of Austrian Hussars completed and based up, together with 4 batteries of Austrian artillery, which is probably more than I will ever need for the scale of game I (originally) had in mind, based around the campaign in western Germany waged by the Prussians against the Hanoverians and then the Federal VIII (Bavarian) and VIII Corps (mixed including Austrian, Nassau, Hessen-Darmstadt, Baden and Wurtemburg troops). However, it does leave room for expansion, as I recently discovered a range of 28mm Saxons for the 1866 campaign; Battle Honours, available from the USA. I could also go completely off piste and just field a sort of Ruritanian pair of armies, using the nice stuff from the smaller states in 1866.

 I am in the process of basing up 6 battalions of Austrians and another 6 of Bavarians. For the latter I am using Irregular Miniatures Wurtemburgers. Why? Well, in 1866 the Bavarians went to war in peaked field caps not too dissimilar to those worn by Wurtemburg troops (near enough anyway) and not the traditional crested Raupenhelm. Otherwise it'd have been easy to use Foundry Bavarians...... I need another Austrian battalion to complete the brigade though, plus commanders and casualty markers for all contingents.

I'm currently working on some more Austrian cavalry and loads of Prussians and their allies from Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Lippe Detmold and ( only because they are still in black uniforms and despite the fact that they arrived too late for any action) Brunswick.

Photos to follow.

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  1. It's always good interesting to hear how others will tackle this period and there are quite a few smaller engagements too.