Sunday 24 May 2015

The Battle of Prague 6 May 1757, part I

Robbie and John came up for this week's game, a refight of the Battle of Prague in the early stages of the Seven Years War. I'd been working towards this game for quite some time, since the last SYW battle we refought a couple of months ago, (Reichenberg) in order to get as many of my Austrians completed and on the table as possible. 

Frederick's invasion of Bohemia in late April 1757 had taken the Austrians by surprise. They assembled an army under Charles of Lorraine and Field Marshall von Browne outside Prague, entrenched on the heights to the east of the city to await the arrival of reinforcements led by Field Marshal Daun. Frederick chose to shift his army around the flank of the Austrian army and roll them up from the right. Great plan, especially because it worked. Always keen to rewrite history, Robbie wanted to be the Austrians so John and I shared the Prussians. Forces for the game were as follows:

Austria: CinC Command 9 (maybe a bit generous but I needed to give the Austrians every chance to react to the Prussians as they did historically)

Cavalry brigade (8): 2 x cuirassier and 2 x dragoon regiments
Cavalry brigade (7): 2 x cuirassier regiments
Cavalry brigade (8): 2 x cuirassiers and 2 x hussar regiments

Grenadiers (8): 2 x grenadier battalions and 2 x battalion guns
Heavy artillery: 2 x heavy batteries each of 2 gun models

Infantry brigade (7): 5 x line infantry battalions (2 on table remainder enters turn 2)
Infantry brigade (7): 1-4 line infantry battalions determined randomly (enters turn 6)

Prussia: CinC Command 9

Cavalry brigade (8): 3 x cuirassier regiments
Cavalry brigade (8): 3 x dragoon regiments
Cavalry brigade (8): 2 x hussar regiments

Infantry brigade (9): 2 x grenadier and 3 x line battalions (enters turn 1)
Infantry brigade (8): 1 x grenadier and 2 x line battalions (enters turn 2)
Infantry brigade (8): 4 x line battalions (enters turn 5)
Infantry brigade (8): 2 x line battalions (enters turn 6)

Artillery (8): 3 batteries of heavy guns each of 2 models (2 batteries entering on turn 4 and the other on turn 6)

Cavalry were in 12 figure units and infantry in 36's. 

The stream and marshy ground the Prussians would have to cross slowed them down considerably in the real battle so each unit would have to throw 1D3 to see how many moves it would take to cross. Artillery would only be able to cross by the two areas marked by plank bridges to represent the roads and causeways.  We used our rules of choice, Black Powder, with the Last Argument of Kings amendments and a few 'house' rules. 
 Above and below, the Prussian lead brigade crosses the stream and prepares to assault the Austrian position. 

Part 2 will cover how the game played.

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