Tuesday 21 July 2015

Everyone seems to be refighting Mollwitz so here's my version

Another game this week, this time Mollwitz which took place at the outbreak of the War of the Austrian Succession in 1741. Everyone seems to be refighting this battle at the moment, well Charles S Grant and Jim Purkey are to name but two. As I have just finished my winter terrain mat I thought that this would be an ideal scenario with which to christen it.

My longest serving war-games opponent Paul T will join regulars Robbie and John R for the game. Infantry units are 36 figures strong, cavalry are in 12's.

Prussian Army 
C-in-C: Frederick II King of Prussia (8)**
Marshal Kurt Christoph Graf von Schwerin (9)**

Right Wing:  General Adolph Friedrich Freiherr von der Schulenburg, (7)
1 x Cuirassiers     
2 x Dragoons        
1 x Grenadiers (from Prinz Leopold's brigade)   

General Heinrich Karl von der Marwitz (8) 
2 x Grenadier Btns*      
5 x Line Btns *                            

General Prinz Leopold von Anhalt-Dessau(8)
4 x Line Btns*                              

Left Wing : General Karl Friedrich Graf von Posadowsky (7)
1 x Cuirassiers                             
2 x Dragoons                                
1 x Hussars                                 

12pdr battery 2 x guns
24pdr battery 2 x guns

*All line and the Guard battalions have battalion guns.
** After the third and every time after a Prussian unit is broken, or when the first brigade becomes spent,  Frederick must roll a Command test. -1 for each broken unit. If he fails he must leave the field and Schwerin takes over.

Austrian Army
Field Marshal Wilhelm Reinhard von Neipperg (8)

Left Wing: Lt-General von Romer (9)
4 x Cuirassiers
2 x Dragoons   
2 x Hussars

1st Line: General von Goldy (never heard of him) (7)
4 x Line battalions

2nd Line:  General Count Harrach (7)
3 x Line battalions           

Right Wing: General Berlichingen (8)

1 x Cuirassiers                
3 x Dragoons                    

12pdr battery           2 x heavy guns
3pdr battery              2 x light guns

There is a view held by many that the Austrian infantry battalions did NOT have their battalions guns with them. In the battle the Austrian artillery was slow in coming up so Neipperg will have to dice each move to see if and when they arrive. Also, the Austrian infantry were apparently quite raw, so if they occupy any villages they must pass a command roll with a minus 1 modifier if they wish to leave.

That's it for now. The game will be fought tomorrow and the after action report will appear asap afterwards.


  1. Morning Colin,
    Its good to see what I'm up against, assuming I'm Austrian that is. It looks a tricky ask for the poor Austrians, but I hope we can give a good account of things.
    Thanks and cant wait, Robbie.

  2. See you later Robbie, and not sure for certain who will play on which side. You might end up being Frederick!!!!

  3. "Everyone" - never refought Molliwitz- probably never will after all Frederick the Average ran off and left it to his general- should have kept to reading Voltaire and playing the flute !

    1. for everyone read quite a few people I know in my circle of wargaming friends and acquaintances. Ok Fred was advised to leave so Schwerin and the army could get on with stuffing the Austrians without worrying about his Royal person. I've fought it twice and will no doubt play it again some day as it's an interesting problem facing both sides.

    2. True- but then I've done Fontenoy twice- so I suppose it evens out. Mind you I'm still currently in a "tricorn -hate" period .....

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Tricorns still required headgear up in the Dale ;-)