Sunday 19 July 2015

My attempt at a wintery terrain mat.

During my last game (Gross Jagersdorfff) Paul asked what my terrain mat was made of as he thought it was roofing felt. It's not as its a commercially produced one. It got me thinking though as I am planning to refight Leuthen in a months time or so, and as I had a roll of roofing felt left over from last year's building work I thought I'd try a little experiment. I completely stripped off my games table and put everything away (shock! Horror!) and laid out the roofing felt and cut it to fit. Once cut I tacked it down at one end and got to work with some sponges and some leftover paint and started dabbing away. It's frustrating as the felt doesn't really take paint, especially as it's not intended too I guess) but this is the end result after an hour or so. I will do some more dabbing today and maybe it'll look a little better, although the result so far does give a cold wintery feel (well I think so).